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Totally baffled!

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Well, it really seems that my colony has died and the hive is being robbed. But there are so so many bees in there! So I went through the whole hive today and found several clusters of bees, but no queens, but several queen cells that look like they are in progress (based on pictures I found on the web -- open top, looks like a grain of rice or several grains are in there). But, I didn't even smoke the hive (thinking they were just robbers) and I didn't get attacked at all (suited up of course). So does anybody have any opinions on this perplexing situation? Well, perplexing to me :) I just reached my first year of bees. My other colony died inexplicably sometime around December or January. Thankfully I was able to extract the honey before it was robbed. Anyhow, that is all. Thank you for any help! :) Amber
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Sounds like the hive is being robbed out. I would bet it is history but rotate in so the entrance is pointing the opposite direction and reduce the entrance to about two bees wide either at night or before the bees start flying in the morning. That might give your bees a chance to reorganize and rally around a virgin if one is left alive.
Thank you so much! I will try that!
Depending on when the queen died and how many bees there are, they may not be able to recover. You mentioned "several grains of rice" in the queen cells - those might indicate laying workers - that is the hive is hopelessly queenless. Help them out as much as you can, but be prepared for the worst.
Grains of rice would be quite a bit larger than eggs. Why do you say the hive "seemed" dead?
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