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Top Super Full -- what now?

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We got a new nuc hive in the late spring that has been doing very well. So well, in fact, that we added another deep brood super on the top of it at the beginning of June.

So now (almost mid-August), it's STILL doing well & that top super is 80% full of brood etc. It seems kind of weird to think about adding another super at this late date -- although we do get nice weather through the middle of October. Should I add a shallow super for spill-over, or just let them bee?

Thanks for any tips, thoughts or ideas!
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Don't know your weather or fall bloom but IF it was me and my hive was kickin butt i would toss on a shallow or med. supper. They may draw and fill some or all of the frames,if they don't capp enough for a harvest leave it for them to backfill if they need to. At least you gets ome comb drawn to start next year with.
Have you looked at the lower box recently? Last weekend, I checked two strong hives in 3 mediums for brood and found the lower boxes empty of brood. Some honey and nectar but the queen was working the two upper boxes so not a lick of brood in the bottom. Moved that box to number 3 position.

Sometimes, after the lower box, which was chock full of brood earlier in the year, hatches out, Queenie forgets to go back down and the upper boxes are boiling over with bees. Keep an eye on the bottom.

Definitely throw another super on there. Can't hurt and you could get some honey to harvest.
Good point Wayne -- I will look next time. Otherwise, I would love to get a head-start on some combed frames.

Thanks all
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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