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My Carniolan hive is doing well and since the flow started about two weeks ago they have filled (not completely capped) two honey supers. I decided to add a third one yesterday (sadly, they will have to draw the comb on foundation first).

The hive is 10 frame with two deeps on the bottom, then a queen excluder, then the two supers. I was wondering if:

A - I should just put the other super on top the two I have and let them work it (queen excluder still in place)
B - Put the new super on top of the deeps with a queen excluder above it so they can access it better
C - Put the new super in-between the two nearly full supers (and hope the lack of comb pisses them off so they draw it) which is what I did :D.

I have read that queen excluders sometimes deter bees from going through if there is nothing up there. I assumed that with two supers nearly full that they would still go through it and draw comb and fill the third one. I have also drilled 1.25" holes in the front of these supers to give the bees outside access (which they have been using).

What would most of you do about this?!? :eek:
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