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Put the feeder directly onto the deep or medium box you install your package in. No inner cover just cover it with the outer cover. The bees come up through the bottom of the feeder into the grid things and access the syrup through the small space on the inside of the grid. They can not come through it.

Also don't fill the feeder full when you install your package. An inch of syrup is enough. You need to be able to take the feeder off without spilling it every where, when checking for queen release and later inspections.
You can check this type feeder to see if they need more just by lifting the outer cover off and adding more when needed without disturbing the bee's and they can't come through the feeder so they can't get to you.

Hope this helps!

Mike S's way sounds better for ventilation but is a lot more work. The outer cover directly on the feeder may cause condensation and possibly even some mold but I haven't found it to adversely effect the bee's.

Good luck with the new package bee's!:)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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