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top box feeder problem

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i made a top box feeder similar to Brushy Mountain except instead of floating pine slats i made a slopeing ramp made of the same 1/8 hardware cloth that is used for screened bottoms. i figured bees could walk the wire until they get to the syrup reguardless of the level. it didn't work! i lost more than 500 bees....assumed from drowning. anyone else tried this stupid trick?
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I have lost a few and I will learn from your mistake too. My feeder is a jar or pail on a 1 1/2 inch hole through a plywood cover. no drowning, no robbing, no adventure to refill (especially if you staple number 8 screen over the hole) and I can refill feeders at home or anywhere comfortable! many commercial beeks and queen breeders use the top feeder as I in Florida, the critters have not bothered mine but I strap the pail down with my ratchet strap taht goes around the hive and the stand too, the most I paid for mine was $1.50 and I had to eat a large jar of pickles
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