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You can also attach wax strips along the center of the top bar.

I made a video and uploaded it at: "Beeswax strips for Warré top bar beehives"

which shows a quick method for doing this. My Warré top bars have a tablesaw-milled groove down the middle to help fix the strip, but for plain topbars it might work as well if you heat the top bars a little hotter. The second pass with pouring molten wax will make for a good initial bond.

See the article that Dr. Wyatt Mangum, a math prof and 20-year hTBH veteran, wrote in the May 2010 ABJ. He uses foundation but, since TBH beeks generally have a lot of wax to deal with, you can dip your own.

//Alex T.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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