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Top Bar to Long Lang

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I have had top bar hives for 2 years now and want to try something different, so I built two horizontal deep Langs. I have quite few extra top bars with empty comb. My question is, would it be a good idea to cut the comb off of several bars and put it into the deep frames to get my two new packages started? If so, how many would you put into each hive? If I were to put say 4 or 5 into each hive, do I alternate them with empty, foundationless frames, or do I group the all together in a row. Do I simply put the comb into the frame and put several #64 rubber bands around the top and bottom bars to keep it in place?
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I would give them some comb, at least 2 frames, and would place the frames next to each other. Later you can add frames between them as they expand. Rubber bands should be fine. Or if you can use the top bars (same size or can be cut down to fit) you could just use them.
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