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top bar management

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Put swarm into a KTBH this spring. Gave them 4 combs of honey from my freezer, added furthest from entrance. They were growing slowly (built about 5 combs in a month) so I added 3 empty bars between the brood nest and honey. A week later seeing they had put nectar into at least one of those added bars, I added one more. Last week I inspected and they had converted all the combs of honey I had given them to brood. In fact, the now have 14 combs of brood, mostly capped, starting opposite of the entrance (front of hive to one side), then 5 combs (some only partially built) of bee bread and nectar. That leaves about 8 empty bars. Did not see any swarm cells.

Flow here peaks with blackberries which will be done in a week. Starts slowing down and no fall flow. It seems the bees are building up too late for the flow. They have zero bars of capped honey. Is there anything I should or can do? I don't want them to swarm but there is no excess honey to take from them at the moment. With that many mouths to feed, I am not sure I will be able to take any honey this summer. Beekeepers like to go into winter with about 15 combs around here, but I am not sure of those 15 how many ought to be honey and how many ought to be brood. Thanks.
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It is time to start feeding. In my top bar hives I put a boardman type feeder a couple of bars away from the broodnest (with no comb on the bars of course) and they will eat it quickly. With no food, they are not likely to swarm and you will not get any honey from them this year. Just don't over feed. They can easily empty a quart jar or two every day.
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