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Too much pollen. What to do...

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A few of my hives have what I think is way too much pollen. Literally the entire bottom box (a medium) full of pollen. I don't know if they'll ever use it. What would you do - leave it in the hive or remove some? I'm afraid if I remove and replace with empty frames, they'll just pack those with pollen in the fall. Their presence is a major small hive beetle attractor. Some colonies are just pollen crazy - I suspect it's the unique combination of weather patterns coinciding with the hive population , so that maybe there's an overbundance of nurse bees graduating to field bee age just when the pollen is coming in, before the flow. Or maybe those same bees could have been kept busy drawing comb, if there was a source of nectar (or sugar syrup.) Scratching my head. I've wasted so many frames, since this is a thing in my area (southwest Ohio.) I haven't wanted to invest in pollen traps, as they're pricey and I'd need one for almost each hive.
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Wow, I'd say there is never too much pollen
I'd leave enough for the bees, and just freeze the extra frames, or put 1 frame in splits each. Pollen traps in your situation could be useful, and profitable. Raw pollen is expensive. Just an idea
Every year it seems most of my bottom boxes or quite a few frames in the brood boxes get packed with pollen at some point. I leave it alone and consider it a benefit for them later on. I'd say it's normal and useful for them to stash pollen just as they do nectar.
In some areas,an over abundance of pollen causes frames to become pollen bound.
Old pollen also loses it's nutritional value.
Once new pollen comes in the spring,any frame more than 50% pollen gets culled.
I have no shortage of pollen for most of the season and would rather see brood in those cells
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