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Too many robbers, what to do?

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Our mid-May nuc hive is now half the original size, and today I'm seeing different sizes of ants as well as Yellow Jackets! Decided to leave them alone in the beginning after they glued the frames together, so I'm reluctant to start digging at them now. Not sure if they got weak due to mites, disease, robbers, other? Should I risk it and put the remaining two frames in with our early June "surprise" swam that is humming right along? That hive has about 5 frames full of bees and I'm reluctant to take a chance on introducing new problems for them, but am getting extremely worried about that struggling (dying?!) nuc hive.
No doubt this is all my fault! :cry::doh: Any suggestions?
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You need to go in and find what the real problem is instead of guessing and throwing out multiple theories. Don't know about your ants, but here bull ants and fire ants will kill a hive in short order. BTW, long ago, cave dwelling beeks invented hive tools to pry propolised frames apart. It does not hurt the bees! ;)
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