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I ordered a queen for a swarm that I thought was queen less. I searched and searched for her. Never could find her. Queen has a delivery date of tomorrow, it was already shipped. We'll I was moving the bees from a nuc to a larger hive body and holy crap I found her. Very very dark.

On another hive I have a queen that is putting out lots of drone comb along with quite a bit of worker comb. It is foundation less so I am attributing it to that. Seems like a lot of eggs in the drone comb but it is also has a lot of stored syrup in it as we'll. should I requeen this package?

Second option is to make a new hive. Two of the packages merged because one was missing a queen from the start. The numbers in this hive is very high along with another. Should I make a new split?

I have this queen coming and I would hate to waste $30 and let this queen die.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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