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Tomorrow's removal (going to be a tough one) pic

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Take it nice and slow so you don't strain anything, LOL!

My wife and I actually did an exposed comb extraction like that one on a soffit last year. This was in September with Fall/Winter approaching. Why do you suppose they build like that in an area that
is not protected?

Our cutout overwintered well, and is still going strong now.
I have removed some like this. What you may find is they are in the soffit also. Just a heads up.
BeePappy and Ken,
I did tell the homeowner that she does have a hive just above the exposed hive. It was evident by the amout of bees entering and the fact that the entrance is black with traffic. The entrance is within 6" of this exposed hive.
The swarm queen may not be able to fly, so they did the best they could, I'm guessing.
Wood Leaf Jeans Denim Grapevine family

On this particular one, she had one wall cavity filled and had brood in the comb in the picture also.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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