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Caller: I was told you do professional honey bee removals and come highly recommended.

Me: Thank you. Yes we do, where are the bees located?

Caller: Behind the bumper of my Mitubishi Eclipse.

Me: How long have they been there?

Caller: Not quite sure, but the car has not been driven in a long time. I call it my abandoned vehicle.
I want to save the bees as they are important.

Me: Well, thank you for doing the right thing and not exterminating them. I can get to them on Tues.

Caller: Wonderful! There is no charge to this right?

Me: Yes there is a charge as these bees have to be removed along with the comb, brood, honey and it does take a few hours. We have to lift the car, support it with jack stands, gear up in protective equipment, unload and reload equipment ...... it's quite the process. Not to mention fuel.

Caller: (Complete change of attitude) Oh... forget it! I'm not going to pay anyone to remove the bees.

Me: You work and get paid an hourly wage right? You don't expect anyone to perform this kind of specialized work for free...... would you?

Caller: I clean toilets!

Me: Then you get paid hourly to work. Surely you don't expect anyone to work for free?

Then a big "CLICK".

Just HAD to pass this one along. Made me chuckle.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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