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Today might be my lucky day!

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Hello all,

So in preparation of getting my bees from a local beekeeper and spending the money it looks like mother nature decided to help me out. It looks like I have a bunch of bees scouting out my hives and getting ready to swarm in!

Does this happen very often? Is there anything I should and shouldn't do?

I'm really excited to finally start up beekeeping and now for free!
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Anything new happen with your bait hive?

This morning I went into my garage to find a bunch of bees checking out a 4 frame nuk I have in there that had one frame of partial comb. I took off the lid and another 50 bees inside. I was getting ready for work and don't want bees moving into the garage so I took off the lid and quickly set up a 5 frame nuk with lgo and queen juice in the back yard.

Isn't it fun to watch? Last year I had the same thing happen, and the bees did move into the backyark nuk once I set it up. Next day, I believe. This year I've had 2 move in, and in both cases it was the next day after scouts began checking it out.

Once they move in, I leave it alone for at least a week. Then I peek, without moving the frames or anything, and lift it a bit from the back to check the weight.
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