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I realize not all beeks have woodshops available, but there is always WallyWorld...:D Double screened board to help join hives? Window screen section sells an expandable screen for $6 that is 15 inches high by 20 inches long. Take off the plastic clips you have two 15x20s in an aluminum frame. I know 16x20 would be better but hey they didn't even list beehive cover as one of the uses! I got it just to set one on top of supers to keep bees in while doing whatever. A glue gun and modify those clips to stick down and keep the screen centered, use your imagination.
Gloves - paint section - under $6 - stanley makes a chemical handling glove with a rather long cuff. I did one cut out with a pair and one sting barely got through, a little velcro stip from the sewing section to tighten cuff down. Got a second pair for the helper.
Queen marking pen by elmers in the craft section $3.50.
Light weight deep bucket in the paint supplies to catch swarm - aka bucket on a stick -
I'm sure the list goes on and on
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