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to much wax

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I'm a novice at queen raising. I grafted 15 larva into cups and put them in the cell starter. After 1 day I moved the cells to a finisher. It looked like 11 of the 15 had been accepted by the starter and had the little rims of wax around the cups. Today I went to remove the queen cells and start the mating nucs. What I found was the frame with the cells on them had been completely filled out with wax, the cells encased with wax and the frame mostly filled with uncapped honey. I can see dark objects where the cell cups are and I think they are the bodies of the unemerged queens. What in the world is going on??!! Are the queens still viable inside there? What causes this kind of activity?
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Also, a good way to keep them from building comb over the cells is to provide a foundation-less frame or frame of foundation. This will give the young bees a place to put that wax they are producing.
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