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:scratch:I just left the state of TN and while in Johnson City I noticed some small to medium sized trees with yellow blooms. Bees were all over it. Some of the trees were right in front of a children's museum where I took my kids for the day. I asked the workers inside what kind of tree it was, but no one knew. I also saw these trees in Bristol. I even went down the road and asked a nursery man, and he said he did not know??? I told him that they were blooming right down the road, but he still did not know. The blooms were small but numerous on panicles(sp). If they were here in Fl I would say yellow poinciana, or if blooming in the fall I would say a rain tree, at least it looked kinda like that. Please advise if you have any idea. As I said, the bees were all over several of them that I saw.:s
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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