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Timing for Summer Splits

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I've got one more hive I'd like to do a summer split on. Our main flow is done here and I'm wondering if it's to late to do my split? I did splits on 2 others 2 weeks ago. This one is only 7 frames strong.
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The most successful splits are done during a good nectar flow. I wouldn't recommend splitting this late in the summer. I make all my splits in April and May.
Huh? I can't imagine any problem splitting this time of year or for another month at least. You will just have to feed and make sure the queen is doing her thing up to, and into, winter.
A flow is by all means a much easier time for certain but I am going to split 20 or so hive as soon as I get the honey off and then I'll feed until I have these all in double deeps.
Splitting this "late" is up to your geographical location. I plan on splitting at the end of this week with mated queens, that will give me plenty of time to build up for winter. Just be sure to feed if necessary.
As long as you understand that if they don't have stores coming in and that you will probably need to feed.... split away..........
I live north of Columbia, Missouri - the flow here is still going on. Not sure what flowers the bees are working ; I have lots of white clover in full bloom as well as yellow and white sweet clovers. It was cloudy this morning; then when the sun came out about 12 o'clock, it is amazing how many bees are in the air heading out.
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