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Time to add a super?

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Installed a package in an 8 frame medium lang with foundationless frames. They have fully drawn 6 1/2 frames, and have 5 completely filled with mainly brood of various ages. Should I go ahead and add the box now, or should I wait until some of the brood hatches? It's likely that some of the brood started hatching today.
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I'd move 1 and 8 inboard and add another box on top.
You should move an outside foundation frame into the center of the brood nest where the bees will start drawing it out instantly. I like to make sure the bees are working on both sides of the outside frames before adding a box or they often do not get drawn out. Add the second brood box and see if they move up into it. If they haven't started moving up in a couple days, take a frame of brood and move it up and the foundation frame down.
I was just about to post this exact question. My package is 2.5 weeks old and they have drawn comb on all 8 frames (mediums) but there's only comb covering half of each frame. Like Vance said, I think I'll wait until they have drawn more comb out and are working both sides before adding another super.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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