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Time period for new queen to start laying in a split?

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I made a split and the new queen emerged 7 days ago. I just checked the hive and did not find eggs. About how long is typical for a new queen to start laying?
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Last Monday there were five capped queen cells. On Tuesday, there was one queen cell open at the end, the other queen cells were opened on the sides and I saw a virgin queen running around. It was a pretty much of a text book pattern. The bees were foraging well last week and bringing in lots of pollen. They have pretty much stopped so that is why I checked for eggs and found none. I had moved several frames of capped brood over when I made the split. There were many drone cells there too. Now there are many drones in the hive with a lot of population, so it was difficult to spot the queen today. I will check more thoroughly this weekend for eggs.
I had an issue in the past with a split when the queen never starting to lay. Since I did not see eggs, I assumed the queen died or did not make it back after mating. I put more frames with eggs in there to try again, but they would not make a queen. I eventually found the non-laying queen in there, but by then, I had a laying worker. That took some time to straighten out.
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