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We quickly looked through our four TBH Nucs (one of them has a purchased queen, I didn't take any pictures of that nuc) yesterday to make sure they were good to go for the big move tonight and transfer to new hives tomorrow morning.

Bee Honeybee Beehive Beekeeper Honeycomb

Plant Tree Plant pathology Insect Honeycomb

Honeybee Bee Beehive Honeycomb Insect

Honeycomb Bee Honeybee Beehive Apiary

Bee Honeybee Honeycomb Beehive Membrane-winged insect

Honeybee Bee Beekeeper Beehive Apiary

Bee Tree Honeybee Apiary Beehive

Bee Honeybee Beehive Insect Membrane-winged insect

Bee Insect Honeybee Beehive Beekeeper

Two of these will end up in Langstroth hives on Friday morning on their existing top bars with frames inserted to fill the 11 frame deeps (bars trimmed to 1.25" with tongue depressor guides glued in). One of the remaining two will be put into our last four foot TBH. The other will remain in it's nuc until our next shipment of Langs comes in and I get them assembled. Then it will join the ranks of the unclean as well.

That will put us at four 4' TBHs and 3 Deep Langs going into summer and they'll be at their "final" resting places instead of having seven hives in my brother's yard.
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