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Do the math!! Rough averages here.
3100 cells per side med frame X 2 sides X 10 frames equals 62,000 cells per box or 186,000 cells in 3 meds

1500 ( avg per day egg laying rate of a Q) X 21 days(egg to adult) equals 31,500 cells in use

Deeps have 4500 cells per side.
So 4500 X 2 sides X 10 frames equals 90,000 cells per box.

Of course we all have above avg Qs and prior to a flow egg laying increases and bees surround the brood nest with pollen and nectar, but is easy to see that with good management,a single deep or 2 med have more than adequate space.Poor management will give you plenty of swarms!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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