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this should work??

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so i got a call yesterday for a swarm (thank you bee source first call from here) and he said it hd been there a few days so i went to look and as it turned out they had moved into a block foundation at a ground level window when i was there yesterday there was 1 200 bees out side there new entrence fanning so they just moved in for sure ... what i did was took a nuc box cut a hole in the back of it and screened there entrence to the back of the nuc. nuc has 2.5 frames of honey 2 empty drawn out fames now my question did i play this one out right or should i have done this differently ???? how long before in know if it is working a week or so???? also put a few drops of lemon grass oil on enterenceof nuc and at the hole in the back anyy input would be great
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If you have a frame of open larva, put that in the nuc, it will draw the queen out into the nuc, since she has not started laying yet in the wall. Check each day until you see the queen, then detach the nuc from the wall and leave it sit there until dark, by then all the bees should be in the nuc.
thank you doing that tommorow
Something to drive them from the wall will help. Bee Quick, moth balls, something...
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