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Thirsty bees

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It have been cold and rainy for days. Yesterday it hit the high forties and a break in the drizzle. The bees went out but mostly the bees were on the edge of every puddle hauling water home. A few were on the tart cherry trees, but only a few. They must be needing to liquify honey to make brood food. I am afraid there are a lot of starving bees out there. Those not starving are building queen cells. "Gloom, Despair! And agony on me--- finish it
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I'm seeing the same behavior here, lots of thirsty bees chasing water. I'm still stocking sugar bricks and pollen patties so hopefully no one is starving. We missed most of the willows because of few flight days, dandelions are in full force right now but it's too cold and cloudy for bees to do little more than grab a snoot full of water and head home. I've been in a few hives in our odd moments of decent weather and see no swarm prep, heck, there are just now capped drone brood showing up. I've got an empty side by side, sold one and put the other one into a full size box a few weeks ago when it was briefly warm. I'd love to get some splits done to get that filled again. I'm anxious for steady warmer days, perhaps next week?
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