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things to take to a cut out

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I maude a list of things to take with on my next cut out, then I wondered what other took or found usefull.


Rubber bands, bee vac, knives, wipes, paper towel, rubber gloves, suit, pry bar, saws, buckets, trash bags, frames, boxes, rope, ladder, drop cloth.

Any suggestions?
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Smoker, putty knife for scraping comb, lots of bottled water. I also take a portable plastic folding table for a work surface that's easily hosed off.
Also queen catcher clips - at least 2 because the plastic ones break at the worst possible times!
Bee Quick
Ratchet straps
Smoker (just in case)
Duct tape
Entrance reducer
Bucket of water to clean up with. Cut outs are a sticky mess.
Thanks beeks, I always think about things I should have brought after getting knee deep in a cut out.
I always bring sawzall, 7-1/4 circ saw, masonry and wood blades, extension cord, bee vac, extra hose for bee vac, ladder( convertable from step to extension), flashlight , queen clip catcher, large serrated knife, smoker fuel, scissors, tin snips, alum window screen, hive with a few extra frames, smoker, extra gloves and veil, drop cloth if doing an inside removal, gallon ziploc bags for good comb, black trash bags for unsalvageable comb, rubberbands, bee quick, stapler, hand saw, spare hive tool, large pry bar.

I think that's my whole kit. I try to be prepared
Insulation, caulking. Whether or not your putting things back together it can come in handy to shrink the void while your working and seal off any cracks and hole you do not want them disappearing into. Also bee Dunn. Don't spray the bees with it but you can use it to corral them as your finishing up
Some nice tips and tools I had not thought of.
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