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thin capped honey

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I spun off a couple frames of capped honey and found it to be on the thin side. I don't have a refractometer so I can not tell the water content. If possible I would like to thicken it up. Is there a preferred method out there.
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hello, If it was capped it should be honey as the bees won't cap it until the water level is correct. How warm is the honey? it may just be warm so its thin.Remember if you are compareing your honey to store honey, some store honey is mixed with different honeys and some times with corn syrup wich will make it thicker. jim
Nector source is going to determine the consistency of the honey. If you have a market, bottle it as the first spring honey. If you want it thicker set it out in the cold and it will start to crystallize...that will thicken it up.
Was this fresh from the hive capped 100 percent both sides of two frames? Some of you old timers out there refresh my memory but what is a safe percentage of uncapped on a frame?
It's often hard to get 100% capped but I think it was about 20% uncapped may not be bad when blended with the rest. But then only two frames....? Honey that is too liquid won't keep well so if you suspect its too much moisture don't let it last too long :)
You are right. Honey or uncured honey that has too high of a water content will ferment. The only good thing about this is you then can just let it ferment into mead. YEAH BABY!!!!!
all great advice, thank you
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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