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You still fill the honey by hand into the jars? Wish you had a filling machine without spending thousands of Dollars / Euros?
Here is the description of my self-made automatic honey filler based on the HaniMandl project.

A few key points of the Honey filler

Advantages of the Honey filler are:

  • I can use my existing metal containers for filling, only a small hole has to be drilled in the cap.
  • no Honey transferring
  • no pump
  • no additional parts to disassemble and clean after filling
  • Different glass sizes can be predefined
  • high accuracy / repeatability
  • many settings in the menu
  • small and handy
  • Active community e.g. on Hiveeyes
  • Low priced because self-made approx. 100sFr - 350sFr / 120$ - 350$
  • most parts and versions opensource
There is also a video that shows the Function.

Saw Kitchen appliance Wood Blender Scale


PS: The Article is written in German but....try to translate it with
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