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Hi, all,

I'm posting this because I had a misconception about what happens or what needs to happen if you get stung and you are experiencing anaphylaxis.

I got stung again on Wednesday. Not the first or even second, third, fourth or fifth time. Not even the first time this year. But the last two stings have broken me out in hives, a new thing.

So Wednesday I decided to go to urgent care. Really I just wanted them to watch me, to see if things were going south. I was developing hives around my armpits and groin. A new, new thing, my mouth started to pulse and feel funny. They told me I had redness around my mouth.

Guess what they didn't give me an epi-shot.

Elsewhere I have read the epi-shot is just to buy time, so you don't die from low blood pressure.

They gave me a steroid shot. I wasn't really excited about that, because I know how much that stuff can mess with your head. The point is to suppress your immune system.

I was trying to ask the P.A. questions about the side effects and if I would be able to go to work the next day and he looked at me very serious and said: "This is a matter of life and death."

So I agreed to the shot. About an hour later, when I got home, I was on the floor crying. I called out from work because I was way too emotional. I'm a psychiatrist, so I need to be the calm one!

Anyways, I just wanted to let people know. He did prescribe me an epi-pen. But at no point did they ever administer that to me. The steroid shot took care of the hives, but it created other problems.

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