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The swarm that couldn't

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Hello all, need some input. May 9th my hive swarmed, got it out of the tree into a box,small swarm but ok. Approx 1 wk later did a light insp and saw a small amount of eggs, cool.
Last week I did a full insp and whata bummer, eggs on the side of the cell walls and capped drone brood, no queen to be found.
Shook them out last nite and moved the hive. Probably five frames of bees left maybe.
Not really wanting to requeen as in my mind not enough bees left to do the job (and another queen ain't exactly next door), I'm thinking, do a newspaper combine on a hive I started off a swarm cell and hopefully laying (20 days tomorrow) or am I putting the queen in danger? Thanx for any help.
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shake 'em out on the ground in front of the new hive and they'll sort it out. you can store the swarm hive body till after the flow and then split into it. good luck,mike
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