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The Poetry of Eliana Beam...Books's_Wife.htm

Eliana Beam published her first poem in 1947. Eliana's husband, James H. Beam (Jimmy), was a banker and gentleman farmer. While their five children roamed freely over sixteen acres of woods, stream, and fields in rural Ohio, Jimmy maintained an apple orchard and beehives for pollination and subscribed to The Beekeeper's Magazine. When browsing through this journal, his wife Eliana came upon a poem about bees and decided she could write a better one. Why not? The editor-owner agreed with her.

Not only did he publish her first effort on the cover, but he commissioned Eliana to write one poem per month for the cover, which she did for four years, all on the topic of bees. Using The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture, she researched until she became a bee expert like her husband, though far less enthusiastic.

Here's one of her works:
Epicure’s Choice

Let’s try the flavor of honey, my friend –
Is the nectar of plums your selection?
Perhaps for your money you’ll take clover honey –
Say which is your dish of perfection!

Does the flavor of buckwheat appeal to you, sir?
Are you partial to goldenrod’s yield?
Come name the sweet you regard as a treat,
Which flower that grows in the field?

But ah, then! Whatever the source of the nectar –
No matter how strong or how mild –
The flavor that’s best, far beyond all the rest,
Is the one that you knew as a child!

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