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monkeyman, there are medications, such as TM and Tylan, actual antibiotics, and treatments, such as Apistan (active engredient Fluvalinate) and Checkmite (choumophaus), just to name a few that kill mites.

There are a number of each of these types of products that are recommended to treat colonies for mites and to prevent AFB.

There are also a number of so called natural medications and natural treatments for different maladys.

Is there something in particular which you want to explore? Or to see how they may fit into your IPM?

I don't recommend using antibiotics to control or combat AFB. I recommend knowing what it looks like and knowing how to identify it and how to burn it so as not to spread it to other colonies.

Just an after thought. IPM means Integrated Pest Management. Are diseases included in most IPM Programs, being as they are diseases and not pests? Would the use of an antibiotic throw off an IPM Program? Just curious.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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