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The move and inspection

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So I learned something today. I had to move two hives 75ft across the yard. This morning I closed them up at daybreak and moved them to the new location. I placed pine branches in front of the hives and opened them back up. I had left everything else at the old location which I soon noticed a good amount of bees were looking for their home. Thinking I needed to give them something I set two nucs in the old spots. After an hour I soon found that was a mistake and moved the nucs (and the larger amount of bees) to the new location and dumped them. I then took down all of the old support members and everything down. It looks like most have found their new home with only a small number of stragglers. So lessen is, move a hive, obstruct the entrance and remove all traces of old location. Oh and move it before they go out to forage.

Last week both had 6 frames drawn out and 4 full of capped. This week they blew up and they were working on the outside of the last frames and 4 more frames capped and the others look to be relayed! I added a med super with foundationless frames and checked the level. I haven't been feeding since I got them 3 weeks ago and didn't see any slowing down with them. They had the top inch or so capped with honey and a nice pattern elsewhere. Felling pretty lucky right now.

Oh and I got popped for the first time this morning when I was moving the nucs without anything. I reached down without looking and got one between my finger and the box. Honeybee Bee Insect Finger Membrane-winged insect

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