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When I do my inspections on my hives that are full of comb I generally use an 18" long Nuc that I have on hand to place a couple of combs in temporarily. This gives me some extra room to work in the hive I am inspecting.

Today I set out to build a smaller and lighter version (12" long with 1/4 inch exterior plywood sides) to for inspections. I ended up with a hive far more versatile than I had originally set out to make.

I had a left over hive-end that I had grabbed the wrong hole saw when I made it (the holes were bigger than I had intended). I was going to just start with that piece just block off the holes. I figured however if I added a sliding door I could then reduce and vary the entrance size (it has three holes), which would also allow this box to be used as a spare small Nuc.

I made up a handle to make it easy to carry plus I figured I could use it as an extra workbox on my way to the yard.

Because I didn't have any straight bolts for the hinge I grabbed a couple of eye bolts that were laying around. Then I figured with the eye bolts I could add a cover and tie it down with bungee cord then hang the Nuc from a tree and use it as a swarm box.

And since it sort of looks like Little Red Riding Hood's basket I have decided to dub it the Little Red Riding Hood Workbox-Nuc-Swarmbox-Top-Bar-hive.
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