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The Girls love wet cardboard

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To tuck my garden beds in for the winter, I layer in greenery, cardboard and compost.
I put the cardboard down in a raised bed one evening. When I came back in the morning to put in the compost, after a good morning dew, hundreds of honey bees were on the cardboard.
I watched them slurp up the dewdrops but oddly they would get one drop and then pass several others to take up their next drop of water. They seemed to pick and choose.
They have numerous (yucky)water sources closer to the hives that they usually use but the carboard seems to be an attractant for some reason. Whenever I have wet cardboard, the bees are all over it.

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Insect Pest Invertebrate Soil Membrane-winged insect
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Maybe it’s warmer than the surrounding area water sources.
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