United States Environmental Protection Agency

(THROUGH P.L. 100-460, 100-464, to 100-526, & 100-532)
(References [ ] in brackets are to title 7, United States Code)


U.S.C.Act Sec.Page
7 U.S.C. prec. 1211. Short title and table of contents3
1362. Definitions7
136a3. Registration of pesticides13
136b4. Reregistration of registered pesticides24
136c5. Experimental use permits37
136d6. Administrative review; suspension38
136e7. Registration of establishments43
136f8. Books and records44
136g9. Inspection of establishments, etc45
136h10. Protection of trade secrets and other information45
136i11. Use of restricted use pesticides; applicators48
136j12. Unlawful acts50
136k13. Stop sale, use, removal, and seizure53
136l14. Penalties54
136m15. Indemnities55
136n16. Administrative procedure; judicial review58
136o17. Imports and exports58
136p18. Exemption of Federal and State agencies60
136q19. Storage, Disposal, Transportation, and Recall60
136r20. Research and monitoring65
136s21. Solicitation of comments; notice of public hearings65
136t22. Delegation and cooperation65
136u23. State cooperation, aid, and training66
136v24. Authority of States66
136w25. Authority of Administrator67
136w-126. State primary enforcement responsibility71
136w-227. Failure by the State to assure enforcement of State pesticide use regulations72
136w-328. Identification of pests; cooperation with Department of Agriculture's program72
136w-429. Annual report73
136w-530. Minimum requirements for training of maintenance applicators and service technicians97
136w-631. Environmental Protection Agency minor use program97
136w-732. Department of Agriculture minor use program97
136w-833. Pesticide registration service fees98
136x34. Severability168
136y35. Authorization for appropriations168
Bracketed material and footnotes did not appear in Acts.
Prepared by the Senate Legislative Counsel's Office.