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The bees get out of hive and die?

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Hello, I am a beginner, this is my first year... It is October, the temperatures are in the 50s-60s during the day, and about 30-40 at night. I am in Michigan, it is not that cold yet. I noticed that when the sun comes out and the hive gets warmer, the bees get out and fly, but many fall on the ground at the entrance and it seems they cannot take off again. There are two or three dozens of them on the ground, and this happens regularly. I am worried that gradually the whole hive will just die out because of that. Is this normal? Are they sick? I did do some mite treatment this fall, should I repeat it? Any advice? Thanks in advance!
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What sort of mite treatment?
How are they fixed for stored honey?
if it is mite may well be too late. I suspect that the winter bees in MI are already being produced....and if so....the damage is already done.
After you rule out the mite problem as beemandan suggests, some dead bees may be getting thrown out that have died when it is too cold for the undertaker bees to fly them out. Worn out summer bees are dying daily.

Doing "some" mite treatment may not have been enough. Was it effective? what was the mite count afterward and how long ago was that? Mite bombs can happen in September.
I am in your area & haven't seen that happen to my hives. Did you see any drones in the clump of dead bees? Most drones have already been kicked out & sometimes show up dead in front of the hive. IF your bees live through the winter, your number 1 mission should be to deal with mites. Either you kill them or they kill your bees. Simple as that.
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