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Well it's spring here in New Zealand :D, in this podcast we discuss what you need to be looking for in your hives at this time of the year. We also discuss Inspection Tips, a Horrible Whodunit and the five regrets dying people have. You can play the show by clicking the play button on below page or search for 'kiwimana' on your podcast application of choice.

The Beekeeping Season 2014 Is Here

Other Things we discussed:-

  • Urban beehives are the new buzz
  • UK rip-off riles honey firms
  • 8 Honey Bee Hive Inspection Tips
  • Vandals Destroy Tens of Thousands of Bees in South Carolina
  • Swarm Of Bees Attacks Car, But How A Dad Protected His Family Has People Upset
  • Humming over medicinal uses of Kanuka honey
  • Nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed


Gary and Margaret
The kiwimana Buzz
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