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This week we are talking to Michael Jordan 'The Bee Whisperer' from Wyoming. This is Episode Seventy Seven of our beekeeping podcast.

Michael Jordan is a holistic bee keeper from Cheyenne in Wyoming, who along with teaching beekeeping and making the famous "King Mead" is the Bee Whisperer.

You can listen to the show here:-

The Bee Whisperer 'Michael Jordan' Interview

Here's What was discussed
  • Why Michael put cell phones into his Beehives
  • How to make your Mead consistent every year
  • What Michael feeds his bees over winter
  • A Bee Tea to help with Nosema
  • Using Peppermint rather than smoke
  • Why the Monks in the Abbey used to Hum
  • How neighbors that you feed don't complain much.
  • The Wyoming Beekeepers Association hasn't seen American Foul Brood for Ten Years

Hope you enjoy this weeks chat. If you liked the show comment HERE please.

Gary and Margaret

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All this time I thought he was a retired basketball player...

:) Thanks Michael for the comment, yes his PR agent said I couldn't bring up his basketball past. So this show is just about his beekeeping career.

Hope you are well, your chat with us is still our most downloaded podcast by the way :).

Hope you are sorted for the Nebraska winter.

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