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Alot of angst today.... The black bears have been wandering the neighborhood so I had to face the fact (along with strong words of encouragement from my husband) that the bees needed to go into their hotwire area. I started them on the south side of our house because it continued to snow through the first week of May and then it proceeded to be beautiful and warm until now.

So, after reading Michael Bush's bee relocation support page, we proceeded to load up the hives and move them 200 ft. very early this morning. Of course the day turned 70 and warm and there was lots of humming going on, so I removed the screen and turned them loose.

Absolute bedlam for 6 hours.

It's 9:48 pm and they are all tucked in and quiet in their new locale. There were times when we were sure, a gang of bees were rounding them up pointing the way.

Thanks Michael, I almost put them back in the original location and then we read over your instructions again. It helps to get a little encouragement now and then.
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