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Texas Bee supply meeting starting in one hour

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I have posted up before. Blake does a great job with the meeting dealing with a lot of topics we all ask about. November is getting ready for winter and all the things you need to do.
The 70 + monthly magazine came out two days ago if you did not get your copy.
Web site is Texas Bee Supply and they have a ton of great utubes on different things.
There is a lot of good information in the webinar and the monthly magazine.


You can get a copy of the meeting and the news letter if you check with TBS and they post up on the web site.
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Topics will include:

-November Beekeeping Tips
-Diagnosing dead hives
-Handling Cold Weather
-Winter Hive Inspections
-Winter Feeding
-Q&A and More!

Here is the link to the monthly news letter.
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