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tbh question

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Ok as one who does not use a TBH but has had a question asked of me. So I am going to ask those of you who use TBH's how do you combine two one weak and one strong? Iknow how to do it with my Langstroth hives but to answere a persons questions on TBH I am lost please help.
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If I'm going to combine I usually just add the bars from one of the colonies into the other with a healthy dose of smoke. I've tried adding a newspaper between the two colonies and that has worked as well.

Here's how I do it. First of all, I have a follow board with a queen excluder in the middle of it. I just cut a square hole in one of my follower boards. Then I glued and stapled a cut piece to fit from a larger plastic queen excluder. Having this queen excluder, you can cover the queen excluder area with newspaper and do the newspaper process. Just slice a small area or 2 of the newspaper. In a few days, the bees will have migrated over thru the newspaper/excluder.
Hey thanks guys.
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