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Tangled Bees

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Yesterday while treating my hives I noticed that there was three clusters of tangled bees on the bottom of the frames. I thought they were building comb. I checked them this morning and they tangled back up.

Why are they tangled up?


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looking back I see you purchased 2 completely setup hives, is that correct?
the frames with all the bees look like the more "well seasoned" frames that probably contain most of the old comb.
They're not tangled up. They may be building a little comb there or storing propolis but they look like they're just hanging out near the older comb to me.
From your title, I thought you were referring to "Festooning" bees, which is quite a site. From your pictures, I would say that RV is correct. They are just hanging out there. There is probably a reason, but it is never obvious to me when they are doing that. Next time move them with your finger or blow on them. Sometimes I find they are surrounding some nectar/honey that spilled on there when I removed the box above, but often there is nothing obvious on the frame. J
imo bees are never tangled. They are bearding, as RV says, or they are festooning, which is quite a sight. both very interesting to watch.

BTW I used to own a 1954 Lincoln Capri. nice car and I wish I still had it.
I have sbb, are the bees in need of more ventilation?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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