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Taking Supers off

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Ok question when you have a hive with say single brood chamber and 5 supers. If you take 2 or 3 supers off how do you keep them from swarming? Wont this make them run out of room?
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I always have a good number of bees in the honey boxes. Though my hives are using a lot more than a deep for brood, , if I reduced them to a single deep right now, I would see swarming in a week. Even if I just compressed them down to the 3-4 mediums of brood nest they have, They would swarm before the month was done. Good fall flow going on. I am not sure if that would be the same in your location.

If you can, remove, extract, and put wet supers back late in the day within a day or two. Wet supers seem to give encouragement to re filling. They will clean out the wet supers after a few days and you can remove what you need to store them.
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