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taking pollen from frames

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I am wondering the practicality of manually remove pollen from frames. Trapping is the obvious way that pollen is taken from the bees but it would seem to me that one could remove a frame of pollen and dig some out of a number of the cells for either personal consumption or to feed back to the bees next season. I lost some hives this winter and have frozen some frames of honey and pollen for when my colony numbers build back up and this idea occurred to me.
Any others try it?
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id say - not a good idea

its probably good but they pack it in the cells and then add honey and pack more and add honey - hence the greasy look

they do this so that it doesnt mold -

if you want to get pollen just buy the simple 15$ traps - for personal use -
they dont work as good as the high price but get enough for you -

remember though it takes 10 pollen loads to raise one larva - ..... dont take tooo much .... from each hive
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