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Syrup Feeder

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I was thinking...I have some inverted jar feeders on top of my inner covers. I have a hive body and cover over the whole thing. Not that big of a deal to unstrap the hive and open up the top to check syrup level in the feeders. Could a fella make an inner cover with a cutout for an entrance feeder? Kinda making an entrance feeder on the top of the side of the hive. That way the jar is on the outside of the hive, and you can see the level without opening the lid. I dont know enough about it, but would it encourage robbing any more than a jar feeder on the inner cover? I am sure a few modifications may have to be made to get the entrance feeder to fit the thickness of an inner cover. I was just wondering if there was a way to feed off the side of the hive without having to open the lid on the inner cover. Anyone have any ideas on something like this?
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that would seem to be more trouble than its worth. i dont strap my hives together unless i'm moving 'em, so thats would seem to be uneccessary also. be careful you dont depend to much on a cargo strap left in the sun- they rot quick-as in a couple weeks they have no strength because of UV degradation. good luck,mike
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