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syrup crystallization

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I'm wondering what i can add in sugar syrup to avoid crystallization.
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Boiling water.

Seriously if you boil the water, add the sugar, boil the syrup. It won't crystalize for a very long time (years?).
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Greetings . . .

"Heating the sugar and water together is satisfactory if the mixture is stirred constantly. However, the sirup should not be boiled over direct heat as it will caramelize and will not be satisfactory as feed for bees. Sometimes sirup made in this manner will crystallize in the containers. This may be prevented by adding to the prepared sirup a tablespoon of tartaric acid for each 100 pounds of sugar used."
Source: The Hive and the Honey Bee, 1963, p252
Dave W
Avoiding carmelizing is why I don't add the sugar until the water is already boiling and then I stir it until the syrup boils and it's not on high heat.

Usually, I don't care if it crystalizes. I just take hot tap water and see how much sugar will disolve. It's quicker and I can feed it without waiting for it to cool.
My question was directed to (mikeaegina)
In the can or in a cell?

Dave Verville
Fremont, NH USA

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I'm not sure what the question is. I don't feed sugar syrup for winter feed, so I never see any in cells for long. I feed it in the spring for stimulation and in the spring for build up of a new package and in both cases it never really get's stored. I don't have much problem with crystalization because the bees consume it. If it crystalizes in the top feeders I use, I just add some boiling water to disolve it and get on with my life.
I mean syrup for spring stimulation feeding on new hives. After 4 days the syrup crystallized on the Miller type feeders i have on my hives.
I don't use to boil the water with sugar. First i bring water to boil and after i turn off the heat and mix the sugar (2 parts sugar - 1 part water). But my problem with that volume of sugar-water is the one i wrote before.
Thank all of you for giving me answers to my question.

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I would suggest that you go with a 1 part water to 1 part sugar for spring stimulation feeding. The heavier 2:1 is better at the end of the season when preparing the hive for the winter.
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