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Switching hive bodies

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I overwinter in three mediums. The bees are now at the top box and I suspect there is nothing in the bottom box as far as stores, but I've not looked yet. If I am correct, will the queen eventually move to the bottom box and begin laying there? If I moved the bottom box to the top I know that would work and help prevent swarming, but I'd like to avoid having to do that if possible. M. Bush says he doesn't switch but I still want to know if the queen will go down to lay in the bottom. If I just add supers during the first heavy flow will that keep the bees there or is more work needed? I've seen the thread on checkerboarding and I'm not trying to start that again. Just need some clarification about what the queen will or won't do.
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She will move down if forced to but placing supers on top will allow her room to move up.
I really don't want her to move up to the supers but rather to stay down in the three mediums I've provided for brood boxes. Guess she'll do what she wants, eh? I frequently have brood in the fourth box but later in the season she seems to stay down below. I'm still new to this and don't have a mentor so this Forum serves that purpose. Still, it would be nice to be able to go and watch an experienced beek every now and then to see how things should be done.
Heat rises and the brood will be found where it's warm.
I have some queens laying eggs in the 1st and 2nd brood chamber.
The top super which is one of three is mostly honey.
Our nights are around 48 degrees F and they were able to fly a few hours yesterday after our 6.75" of rain.
I will move the top honey super down to the bottom to stimulated the hive after the weather warms up in February. It;s an old management method used when we pollinate almodns too.
Ernie, located in southern California
George Imirie's "Pink Pages" have a lot of good reading about reversing brood boxes to prevent swarming and helping with spring build up. Do a search on this site for "Pink Pages". Another member recently posted the entire set.
There was a thread (somewhat the precurser to the checkerboard thread fiasco) that also addressed hive reversal that one respected individual contributed to. It is somewhat deep in the posts, so there are a few pages to wade thru.

Don't know if this applies to your question, but.
You might consider going to the home page for this forum, click on "POV" or "Point of View" and read Walt Wright's articles on Checkerboarding and swarming. Also I THINK Mike Bush is there. If not, google him, and read his articles about swarming. All make good points, you just make a choice. Imirie's Pink Pages are excellent, as mentioned.
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