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So I go out today to retreave a swarm in a tree 8'up. Guy also has a 1-2 year old hive in a speaker box 2' tall and 2' X 2'. Swarm been in tree for 2-3 days. Size football. Start setting up and woosh 20 seconds there gone. What a site.
Oh well, I cut the top off of the speaker box and lift whole top and just place it in a deep. Will reinstall later. I put a screened cover on to allow ventelation.
I place hive on stand this afternoon and take my wife to dinner. I go back to check the hive and on top of the screen is about 10 bees surrounding a bee. Upon looking closer I see it's a queen. Wonder where she came from.
So I hope what I did will work. I placed the queen with those attendenta in a mating nuc. went to two of my other hives and cut a section of capped brood and put in whith her along with a shake of surae-watter covered bees. I then went to another hive and got a frome of brood and sprayed them and shook them also.
I'll feed them for 3 days and keep them cooped up for three days then open them up.

1 Think it will work?

2 Wonder where she came from?
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Are you sure she didn't come out of that box? Something similar happened to me, a few days ago. Did the transfer from the swarm trap, to a nuc. I have a piece of plastic excluder over the entrance, to keep the queen from abscounding. I was fixing to leave, and I look at the nuc one more time. The queen is fighting to get through the excluder block! I captured her and placed her in the nuc.
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