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Swarms keep coming back to this house-how to discourage them from entering?

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A fellow beekeeper has been back to the same house every year for 5 years to remove a swarm from the same place. Sounds like he is not doing a good job of sealing, though he says that he thinks he does. But they still keep coming back. He thinks they smell some remaining comb that he is unable to get to. Is that a deal breaker, or is there a technique he can use to discourage them from entering again should they find an opening. Spray with Honey-B-Gone? But how long will that last? Stuff with some sort of smelly material? I feel sorry for him. Pack all possible entry points with steel wool? It must be hard to find every possible re-entry point, but the bees are insistent on setting up shop in the same location each year. Any suggestions?
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Sounds like a dream come true for the beekeeper. If he can't get rid of all of the hive,all that can be done is seal up better. I would put up a swarm trap to see if they will go in there.
The smelly sprays don't last long but the homeowner could apply frequently during swarm season. After 5 years, they have a good idea when to apply. J
sounds like a great resource for your friend! But once a site is marked, it is marked for a long time. I suppose if he really wanted to seal it up for good he could fill the cavity with Great Stuff or some other expanding insulation foam. Shame to see that site go though...
I’m going to add another “theory” on returning swarms to the same all have heard of Dave Cushman? He was from the U.K., a great beekeeper. You can access thus work here:
If you look in the index under Ley Lines, you will find some very interesting information. Now I DO NOT believe in crystals and all that mumbo- jumbo stuff, and neither did Dave or the person who keeps up his website, another great experienced beekeeper from the U.K., Roger Patterson. You can find Roger on the National Honey Show lecture website here:
I won’t say any more, but take a look at Dave Cushmans site specifically Ley Lines.
Fill the cavity with fiberglass insulation, when the scout bees come around they will find that the cavity is not large enough for them to move into. Seal all holes with silicone caulk and fill all cavities with fiberglass insulation.
I agree with setting up a bait hive in the spring. Could also do some bee lining on the scouts to see where they are coming from.
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