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Sunday afternoon I kept hearing a high pitched hum. Tracing the source, a large cluster of bees were clouding the air high up in my neighbor's tree. They eventually coalesced into a large swarm very high up in the tree. I noticed for the afternoon, 10-15 bees were exploring my bait hive. After making very sure the swarm wasn't mine, I continued to watch it. Now at 7 pm, it is getting dark and the scouts a gone from the bait hive. The large swarm is still up in the tree.
Tonight and tomorrow we are expected to have strong storms and up to 4 inches of rain in the next two days. After the front goes through, temps may be close to freezing. As a matter of curiosity, will the swarm move tonight before the storms start? If they haven't chosen a home, will they die without cover? And if it does get bad, what are the chances of they trying to take over one of my hives?

Would hate to see them all die.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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